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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home for 48 Hours

So I am home for just about 48 hours and then off again. Well not really 48 hours. I landing on Monday night at 5:10, and my plane departs tonight at 5:30. So taking into account the hour and a half drive home and the drive to the back to the aiport, well it just sucks. I really got to spend about 14 or 15 hours with the wife and about 7 or 8 hours with my daughter.

Traveling away from the family just sucks. Last week my daughter was taking 2 or 3 steps before falling down, I go away for 5 days and when I come home she is walking all the way across the living room. Missing these moments really gets to me.

Anyway, the pity party is over. I did have a blast at DefCon 18. Got me some great swag, and even found the first DefCon skateboard deck, in the Twitter Hunt. On the link I found the third deck pictured. I am not a skateboarder, nor will I ever be, but that deck will be hung up like a trophy. The other item I brought home, that I love, is Deviant Ollam's book "Practical Lock Picking", head over the Amazon and pick it up. I even got it signed and personalized from Deviant himself. This book is a great asset for people interested in locks, from the absolute novice to the "expert". I fall into the middle of these two classes, I know just enough to be dangerous.

The classes and presentations were outstanding, and I learned a lot. One thing I learned was never steal a hackers computer. This had to be the funniest presentation ever. Overall I had a blast.

Now on to filling out a travel voucher and prep work for my visit to Spain. It has been 12 or 13 years since I visited a Spanish speaking country, and I hope my cerveza ordering skills will be up to the task.

I will see my 2 faithful readers once I get back.

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