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Monday, July 19, 2010

New Job??

Well I may be changing jobs soon. Got a phone call from a guy asking if I was still interested in a position I had applied for a while back. Honestly I had forgotten that I had even applied for it. So after a little talk about the duties, I said yes.

A little back story. I love my current job, but as part of the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure), the entire headquarters of my agency is moving from downtown D.C. to Quantico VA. Now I live in upper Maryland, about 5 minutes from the PA stateline, and I love where I live. It is a drive each day to D.C., but being that far removed from the city suits me fine, beside living in the country and having my own personal shooting range is great.

Since I am not going to move, or drive 95 miles each way to Quantico, I have been looking for a position that would keep me in D.C. or in Maryland somewhere. So "if" the future job pans out, I will be a little closer than I am now.

The job seems to be an easy one, sitting at a desk, answering trouble calls, and I would travel about 25% of the amount I have traveled for the past 9 years. In my former life as a Marine and the deployments I made, I missed a lot of my oldest daughter, who is almost 16, early years. I do not what to miss that with my younger daughter.

I retweeted a post the other day that sums up how I feel about family and why I want this new job.

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into their arms when their hands are empty"

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