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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IDPA Multi-Gun Announcement

From IDPA Headquarters

The last announcement we have for you is also a big one. IDPA is very pleased to announce IDPA Defensive Multi Gun. IDPA was created around the defensive use of a handgun. However, we realize there are a lot of rifles and shotguns placed in closets, trunks, bedsides, etc. as defensive tools as well. In an effort to include the use of these tools, IDPA Defensive Multi Gun (DMG) was created. DMG was not created to replace existing IDPA matches. It is simply another format that clubs can use in addition to their regular IDPA matches. IDPA DMG is a stand alone match format that could be run after regular club matches or on different weekends for an extra challenge and fun. It is designed to be adaptable to the club's capabilities and you can incorporate any combination of pistols, shotguns and rifles.
There are 4 divisions for DMG. There is an iron sight and optic sight division for major caliber rifles and there are iron sight and optic sight divisions for pistol caliber carbines only. We feel that the pistol caliber divisions will bring out a whole new level of challenge and fun to an already exciting format.
Should be Fun!

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