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Friday, August 23, 2013

Not just a Sight, but a "Battlesight"

So during my daily browsing of the interweb, and my never ending quest to find the "Any key", I found this article over at "The Firearms Blog" introducing me to the "Battlesight"

The DW Battlesight is a front sight with a hole in it.

Hmm, I have several sights that look very similar to this sight. However, my sights still have a fiber optic rod installed.

Now as all things gun related it may work for one person and suck for the next. All I can do is relate my experience in using a front sight with a hole in it.

Awhile back, I was attending a 3 day Advanced Handgun Course, taught by the excellent Practical Firearms Training staff led by Pat Goodale. My handgun of choice for this class was a Smith and Wesson M&P9 Pro. This M&P was still in factory configuration except for the mounted light, as you can see here. Even still had the that rib stabbing rear sight, which I removed the day after I got home. God that rear sight wore on my last nerve.

On the third day of the class, which is also the standards testing day, I found two things. First, after firing almost 1,000 rounds over the previous 2 days, my fiber optic rod had decided it did not want to play anymore and had left me. Second, my parts bag for some reason had left my spare rods at home on my work bench. Well I decided to carry on, and proceeded to shoot for the day without the rod, thinking how bad can it be.

I will caveat this and say that all the shooting was 10-25 yards, with no long range shots that the "DW Battlesight" claims to help improve.

For the drills and standards, where a majority require fast presentations and faster shot to shot split times, finding that front sight was a nightmare. Staring at an edged target or corner from which a swinging target is coming from, then attempting to find and focus on a front sight that has a big hole it? Not easy at all. Maybe it is my 40+ year old eyes, I do not know. But I know I was having a hell of a time with a "ghost ring" front sight.

I guess for those interested in the claims of the DW Battlesight, and own a firearm with a fiber optic front sight, there is an easy way to see if it will work for you.

For all others, if it works for you, great! 

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