"America is not at War, the U.S. Military is at War, America is at the Mall, and Congress is out to Lunch."

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well why not? I have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now. I just joined Twitter this past weekend and figured why not.

For those who may read this, let me state that I am not a fan of the English language. I speak Johnston County, North Carolina. So I will, even with spell check, misspell and butcher the English language. And now living in the socialist utopia of Marylandistan, my language skills have completely gone haywire.

Second, I have never claimed to be politically correct. I am who I am, and I do not fit the mold of any political, social, or economic class or party. I am a firm believer in the following (and I have not a clue who to attribute it too.)

"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege."

What I am going to post? I am going to post my thoughts on everyday things. I am going to post and link to other blog posts that make me laugh, cry, and just piss me off. I am going write things that you may agree with or that will make you want to punch me in the mouth. I will offer my biased opinion on all matter of topics, so get over it.

I am going to post when I feel like it, or when I have something to say. I travel quite a bit, so it may be slow sometimes. Other times I may post several times a day.

Just to give you a hint of what I will post about. I am a shooter. I love to shoot. I have many guns, and I do know how to use them. To all of you, even the gun-haters, thank you. Your tax money was well spent teaching me to shoot, and instilling in me the love of all things that go boom.

I may post about current events. I may post about obscure news. I will talk about our fallen Heroes. The men and women of this country's military cannot be praised enough.

Who am I? A little of my personal history, starting with the privilege of serving 12 years with some of the finest people, you will ever meet, in the finest fighting force that has ever the graced this planet, the United States Marine Corps. And since my Marine Corps service, I work for an agency of the DoD, and have been here for 9 years now.

On that note I will finish this post with a tribute to 4 of our Nation's Finest who fell on June 29th, 2009 in Iraq, in the service of this great country. May they never be forgotten.

Sgt. 1st Class Edward C. Kramer
Sgt. Roger L. Adams Jr.
Sgt. Juan C. Baldeosingh
Spc. Robert L. Bittiker
1st Plt, A Co. 120th Combined Arms Battalion
North Carolina Army National Guard.

God Bless You and Your Families.

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