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Friday, June 25, 2010

Justice, 25 Years Later

h/t to Debbie Schlussel

This past weekend, a terrorist who should have been dead along time ago finally meet his end. A brief history lesson on Mohammad Ali Hamadi for those who are not aware.

Hamadi was one of the Hijackers of TWA flight 847, in June of 1985.

During the hijacking, Hamadi, and his comrades, discovered a U.S. Navy diver, Robert Stethem. They beat and tortured him, shot him in the head, and threw his body from the aircraft onto runway.

A couple of years later, Hamadi was captured, smuggling explosives, by the then West Germans and sentenced to life imprisonment for the hijacking and murder of Petty Officer Stethem.

In 2005 the story got strange, as Hamadi is suddenly paroled by the German Goverment and released in Lebanon, coincidentally just 3 days before Susanne Osthoff, a German hostage in Iraq is released. (Smells like a load of crap to me.)

New York Times, dated December 21, 2005

"Hamadi's release, which took place Thursday, came only a couple of days before a German archaeologist, Susanne Osthoff, was freed by a group that took her hostage in Iraq three weeks ago, but German officials denied any connection between the two cases."

After his release, the U.S. asks Lebanon to extradite Hamadi and the FBI places him on the on the Most Wanted Terrorists List

Well it seems that Hamadi was killed in a Predator UAV strike in Pakistan this past weekend.

Mohammed Ali Hamadi died when a missile fired by a CIA-operated unmanned drone aircraft destroyed a compound in North Waziristan, a known hub of al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, on Saturday.

"Altogether 16 militants died in the drone attack and 11 of them were foreigners," said a Pakistani intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The term foreigner is used to refer to al- Qaeda associated operatives of Arab and Central Asian origin.

"We have identified those who were killed and among them is Mohammad Ali Hamadi," added the official. Another intelligence official who also sought anonymity verified the death of Hamadi. However, there was no government official available who could confirm the killing on record."

So today, I say to Petty Officer Stethem, God Bless You and Your Family. Rest in Peace Brother, I will not forget you.

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